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FAQs about Treadmills

A treadmill is a fantastic asset for getting fit and staying healthy. It allows you to harness the benefits of a cardio workout in the comfort of your home. Treadmills are easy to use, convenient, and safer than battling inclement weather outside. If you are considering buying a home treadmill, these FAQs will help you get the right one and maximize its use.   

1.  Which Treadmill is Good for Home Use?

The best treadmill for home use is one that meets your unique needs, budget, and available space. People use treadmills for different purposes, ranging from intense running to jogging and walking. Your intended use will determine the treadmill you settle for. A high-powered treadmill is advisable if you will use the treadmill for intense running.

Your budget will affect your treadmill choice. With a budget between Ksh 100,000 and 800,000, you can get a good treadmill for home use. Lastly, a good home treadmill should fit into the available space in your home. Consider buying a foldable treadmill if you don’t have much storage space.

The Fytter F-35 Multi-function Treadmill is an excellent home treadmill with speeds of up to 18 km/h and a 3HP motor. It has a large running surface, 15 levels of inclination, and an LCD display for speed, time, distance, and calories. Remarkably, the treadmill is multifunctional and can perform body massage and sit-ups.  

2.  What is a Good Inexpensive Treadmill

A good inexpensive treadmill meets your training needs without costing a fortune. It combines performance, functionality, features, and an affordable price.

The Fytter Runner ru-6x Treadmill is among the cost-friendly treadmills in the Kenyan market. With only Ksh 115,000, you get a powerful and feature-full treadmill for your workouts. This treadmill comes with a 3 HP motor, 15 levels of inclination, a large and cushioned running surface, and speeds of up to 18km/h.   

3.  Is it Worth Buying a Treadmill for Home?

A home treadmill is a valuable investment for anyone who values health and fitness, and with good reason. First, you burn more calories. Research shows that treadmills tend to burn more calories per hour compared to other exercise machines. A vigorous treadmill workout can burn 700 calories, more than a stationary bike -498 calories and stair machine -627 calories.  

Second, you can get your dream body at the convenience of your home. With a home treadmill, you can work out at your convenience to attain a tiny waist, tone your abs, or tighten your buns. You can also lose weight to look and feel better. Third, you enjoy your workout without feeling embarrassed of your body –especially for body-conscious people.

4.  Should I Buy a Treadmill or Go to the Gym?

Among the biggest assets of a home treadmill is saving time and money. In today’s super-busy world, people barely have time to hit the gym. However, with a treadmill at home, you can squeeze 5-10 minutes in your busy schedule to exercise. You save time commuting to the gym and waiting on others before it’s your turn to use a treadmill.  

Purchasing a home treadmill saves money in the long run. While it requires a significant amount of money upfront, you use it for a lifetime. Also, you won’t incur gym membership fees every month.

The convenience and flexibility of a home treadmill are unmatched. You can use it anytime and don’t have to smell others sweat or step in it. Also, you can wear whatever you like and exercise for as long as you want. No one will kick you out of the treadmill because ‘your time is up.’ A treadmill is handy during these pandemic times as you can work out at home without crowding in gyms.     

5.  Are Treadmills Bad for Your Knees

No. A treadmill does not hurt your knees as long as you use it correctly. When your knee hurts during a workout, you are doing it wrong. The positioning of the knee between the ankle and hip joints make it vulnerable to injury if something goes wrong.

To prevent knee injury, run with the middle of your feet touching the belt first. This way, force is not directed to one place –your knees, and you balance it out to multiple places, including ankle and hip. If you have a history of knee problems, it will help if you run slowly and longer than faster for a short period. Also, be mindful of your running shoes. If your shoes are not fit for running exercises, they could injure your knees.    

6.  Does a Treadmill Help Lose Belly Fat

Yes. Running on a treadmill is very effective in helping you lose belly fat. It does this by burning calories and reducing the visceral fat in your stomach muscles. As such, by running regularly on a treadmill, you can reduce your waist size in no time.

7.  What Should You Consider When Buying a Treadmill?

When buying a treadmill, look for the following things:

  • Cost: Treadmills vary in price depending on size, speed, features, and power. Before heading out to buy a treadmill, establish how much you want to spend.
  • Features: Thanks to advances in technology, treadmills are available in a broad range of features, ranging from pre-installed workout programs to automated incline and smart features. Remember that while some features enhance your training experience, others can distract your workout.
  • Size: The best treadmill will fit into the available space in your home seamlessly. Therefore, ensure you identify where you will store the equipment and the available space before buying one.  
  • Speed: Settle for a treadmill with speeds of at least 16 km/h.
  • Motor: Your intended use and body weight should determine your treadmill’s motor power. Motor power of between 2.25 and 4.24 HP is adequate for most home users.
  • Track size: The industry standard track length is 55’’ for walking and 58’’ for running.
  • Track cushioning: It reduces the risk of injury by shielding your joints from the workout’s impact.   
  • Safety features: For enhanced safety while working out, every treadmill should have features like strong handrails and an emergency cord.

Complete treadmill buying guide in Kenya.

8.  Are Treadmills Bad for Your Back?

Nope. Treadmills are not bad on your back. Walking on a treadmill is a great exercise for relieving existing back pain, strengthening back muscles, improving bone health, and averting new injury. Jogging and running on a treadmill does not cause back problems as long as you buy a treadmill with good cushioning.

However, if you have a pre-existing back problem, jogging or running on a treadmill may be bad for you. Consult with your doctor before an intense workout to prevent straining your back further.      

9.  Is it Safe to Walk on a Treadmill Every day?

Yes. In fact, it is good cardio to use a treadmill every day. You decrease your risk of specific health issues, maintain a healthy weight, enhance your brain function, and improve your mood.    

10.  Will a Treadmill Tone My Body?

Yap. A treadmill can help tone your body by building lean muscle mass and reducing body fat. The secret is to get on the treadmill regularly. However, you must complement treadmill use with a healthy diet and strength training for lasting results.  

11.  Can you Build Muscle on a Treadmill?

Yes. Apart from improving your cardiovascular health, a treadmill builds muscle with regular training. You can expect more mass in the muscles you frequently use, including legs, thighs and buttocks.

As you walk, jog or run on a treadmill, the muscles on your feet, thighs and butt generate the force to keep you going. They work harder than usual, resulting in muscle build-up. Consequently, your leg muscles become more defined, your glutes firmer, and your abs harder.    

12.  Disadvantages of Using a Treadmill  

Like everything else under the sun, treadmills have disadvantages. First, the best treadmills can be costly. Second, they take up a significant amount of space in your home. Third, they require electricity to operate. Lastly, working out on a treadmill day in, day out can be monotonous and boring.  



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