Merach Cross trainers MR-581

  • General parameters
    • Brand: Merach
    • Product: Elliptical bike
    • Model: MR-581
    • Color: White
  • Technical parameters
    • Transmission: Magnetic
    • Resistance: Adjustable, 16 levels
    • Flywheel: 8 kg
    • Supported load: 150 kg (maximum)
  • Dimensions and weight
    • Dimensions: 1200 x 1580 x 620 mm (length x height x width)
    • Weight: 43 kg
  • Packaging content
    • 1x Merach Snail X Elliptical Cross Trainer MR-581 White

KSh 65,000.00

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Cross Trainers simultaneously exercise your upper and lower muscle groups with their alternating handles and elliptical rotating pedals working in synchrony to help burn fat and tone up. They offer a low impact workout experience which is effective for weight loss and toning up, they put barely any pressure or strain onto your knees.

Ready, set, get fit on the merach Elliptical.

Merach Snail X Electric MR-581, elliptical trainer in white with 8 kg flywheel and folding design

Elliptical trainer – Compact and foldable design – Maximum load 150kg – Magnetic transmission – Adjustable resistance level – 7kg flywheel – Heart rate sensor – Console with display – Support for smartphone/tablet – White

Stay fit at home with this fantastic elliptical trainer, the Merach Snail X Electric MR-581 in white.

Feel your arms, legs, abs and glutes working with every movement. Enjoy sweating it out until you burn 500 calories in a single 45-minute class.

High intensity training

With the Merach Snail X Electric MR-581, as with any other elliptical trainer, you can perform high-intensity cardio workouts, increasing your heart rate to help your metabolism burn fat quickly and improve your overall health.

To stay in shape, the World Health Organisation recommends regular, moderate activity (light sweating and the ability to carry on a conversation) for 22 minutes every day. However, if you want to reduce body fat, the WHO also recommends regular, moderate activity, but in this case for 44 minutes.

Magnetic transmission system with adjustable resistance

On the other hand, the MR-581 bike adopts a magnetic transmission system with 16 resistance levels, so you can adapt it to your physical characteristics and your objectives. You will be amazed with the results!

This system requires no maintenance and is silent and 100% accurate. In addition, the Snail X Electric MR-581 trainer is equipped with a 8 kg flywheel.

Control panel with display and support for smartphone

Turn on, pause and/or manually adapt the resistance of your Merach Snail X Electric MR-581 elliptical trainer through its complete control panel. In addition to controlling the aforementioned parameters, its display shows all relevant information in real time, such as speed, resistance level, distance travelled, heart rate or calories burned. You can even place your smartphone or tablet in its small holder to follow a workout or watch videos to motivate you.

Excellent build quality

Don’t be afraid that your elliptical trainer will become unstable when you give it your all, not with the Snail X Electric MR-581!

The stability during use of this machine is ensured by excellent build quality, made of high quality materials and a 4-support I-frame base. It also includes two wide and safe areas for your feet with 38 centimetres of distance between them, as well as double handlebars to work different muscle groups.

Easy to move and store with foldable design

If you’re short of storage space at home, don’t worry about it. The Merach Snail X Electric MR-581 can be folded up at the front to reduce its size considerably. So you can easily store it under a bed or next to an empty wall area. You won’t even notice it’s there!

Nor should you be afraid of its 43 kg weight. With its two built-in wheels, you can easily move it it from room to room.

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