How to start a gym in Kenya. What you need.

We frequently come across these questions in our day to day business,.

  • How do I start a gym business in Kenya?
  • Which equipment do I need to start a gym?
  • How profitable is the gym business in Kenya?
  • What are the basic gym equipment and how can I get gym equipment price list in Kenya?

If you have these and more questions, read on.

Gyms vary in size, functionality and use. We generally classify them as :

  • Home gym – This is a basic gym for a family of between 1 to 8 people.
  • Corporate/Apartment  gym – This is a gym that is set up in a corporate office, apartment,hotel,club, school etc . This can be used by up to 80 people.
  • Commercial gym – This is more capital intensive to set up. It is meant for paying clients. It is generally bigger in size and can take traffic of more than 200 people at a time.
  • Hospital and Physiotherapy gyms – These are set up in hospitals and at times require specialized equipment.

A well-equipped gym should have a variety of equipment to cater to different fitness goals and preferences. Here is a list of basic equipment that every gym should consider having:

  1. Cardio Equipment: These emphasize whole-body exercises that require sustained movement, raising your heart rate, and giving your heart the necessary workout. they include;

  • Strength Training Equipment: These involve the performance of physical exercises that are designed to improve strength and endurance.

  • Audio/Visual Equipment:
    • Sound system
    • TV screens or monitors (for classes or entertainment)
  • Safety Equipment:
    • Fire extinguishers
    • First aid kit
    • Security cameras (for safety and monitoring)
  • Sanitation and Hygiene:
    • Hand sanitizing stations
    • Disinfectant sprays or wipes

Remember, the specific equipment needed can vary depending on the size, target audience, and budget of the gym. Contact us for an in-depth review and a professional guidance on how to set up a gym in Kenya. We will surely give you a discount on bulk order and we do same day delivery.

Additionally, it’s crucial to regularly maintain and inspect the equipment to ensure the safety and satisfaction of gym-goers. Our experienced maintenance team is always ready and willing to assist on maintenance and best practices.

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